Intense Shampoo

NEW Watercolors Intense Shampoo!

The Most Powerful

Color-Depositing Shampoo

Ever Made

WATERCOLORS Intense Shampoo has been developed with technology using a new approach to provide the most Intense deposit of direct dye in a shampoo ever!

Intense color and amazing condition is achieved by using Complex Direct Dyes delivered by Cat-ionic Conditioners from natural renewable sources allows WC Intense to live in the 5.3 to 5.8 PH range accomplishing a deep deposit without the harsh drying effect of others on the market. WC Intense is the solution for Direct Dye customer’s two main objectives – Fading and Commitment.

  • Permanently prevents color fading and keep colors intense and on tone with weekly use at home.
  • No Commitment, Intense shampoo can be easily removed or fades out on tone naturally. Clients can change color frequently without harming they integrity of their hair.
  • WC Intense Shampoo is for use on existing Direct Dye color to Refresh, Maintain and Enhance, safe on all Hair Types and Refreshes ALL Direct Dye Brands. Excels at providing temporary fashion color on Prelightened Hair or Natural Level 7 and higher hair. Use as an intense toner to eliminate unwanted tones.

Sulfates, Salts, Peroxide, Parabens, PPD and PTD Free!

Look at these #WCINTENSE Colors!

— USE —

  • On existing Direct Dye Haircolor to REFRESHEN / MAINTAIN and INTENSIFY color.
  • On prelightened hair or Natural level 7 and higher to color the hair. The lighter the hair the more INTENSE !
  • Effective and safe on all hair types.

— HOW —

  • Shampoo hair for 3 minutes and rinse. Repeat.
  • 3 consecutive applications to achieve swatch color.
  • Each application deposits more color leaving you in complete control of how vivid and intense you want the color.

Look at these #WCINTENSE Metallic Colors!

— FAQs —

Q: What level hair will I get the most intense results?

A: Best results are on Level 7 or higher.

Q: Will I see results on dark hair?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the condition of the hair actually affect the results?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the most important factor to consider?


Q: Will it stain?

A: Yes.

Q: Would you recommend wearing gloves?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you mix?
A: Yes. With other #WCINTENSE and with #WCSHAMPOOS