About Us

About Tressa…

Tressa was founded in 1969 with a powerful mission: to provide the best state-of-the-art hair products and education, giving professional stylists the tools, the knowledge, and the skills to deliver unequaled services to their clients. Since then, we have not wavered from that goal.

Tressa has led the industry with innovative product formulations and educational offerings. We pioneered waves that allow you to curl, color, and shampoo in the same service as well as color enriching shampoos that tone and condition as they cleanse. We are more committed than ever to research and development, and offer a comprehensive product line across every category: color, wave, care and styling.

Tressa is dedicated solely to stylists’ needs and helping them grow their businesses. Based on honesty and integrity, Tressa is more than just lip service. We take a strong stand against diversion. Because Tressa is privately owned, no corporate giant can dictate our business ethics. We stand by our stylists because you can’t put a price on integrity.


It is Tressa’s mission to exclusively support the entrepreneurial Full Service Professional Salon focused on the success of the individual stylist by providing the systems that they need to survive in this ever-changing market. Tressa is driven by passion and innovation without losing focus of the values on which we were founded.


As a privately owned manufacturer of professional hair care products, Tressa is very vocal about its stand against diversion in the professional hair care industry.

Connie Barrett, President and owner of Tressa, Inc., has been committed to supporting the professional hair stylist since 1969. “Diversion breaks the promise manufacturers have made to stylists and independent salon owners,” says Barrett. “We ask them to use and recommend only professional products, and after they have done a wonderful job building a brand, these products are suddenly available everywhere. What does that say about our integrity? Our professionalism? We need to walk the walk! Be professional or mass market retail, you can’t be both!” she asserted.

Diversion is a problem that takes money right out of professional stylists’ pockets. Tressa takes its message to the street through promotional catalogs, magazine advertisements, tradeshow communication, etc. The message is simple: Tressa sells exclusively to professional distributors that sell exclusively to independent, professional salons. Tressa does not sell directly to national chains of any kind.

The fact is that most diversion is created by product manufacturers. At Tressa we are tired of hearing lip service about anti-diversion from companies that are causing the problem. We want Tressa customers to know that we support them and their business with 100% passion for this industry. We don’t work against them by giving their larger competitors an unfair price advantage. Tressa was built on the integrity of one woman, and Connie Barrett is still in charge today.