About the Program

Style Rewards — About the Program

A stylist loyalty program offering more incentives, values and perks than any other manufacturer loyalty program!

  • Earn easy bonus points for all the things you already buy!
  • No expiration of points! Roll over your points as long as you want!
  • No quarterly purchase minimums! Get the same benefits and perks all the time — no matter how much you buy a quarter.
  • Start earning points immediately with your initial purchase!

How Do I Join?

  1. Make a minimum purchase(s) of $1,000 (excluding taxes and shipping) of Tressa product within 1 quarter.
  2. Send in a Rewards Enrollment Form (print online or get one from your Distributor) along with the Distributor or Distributor Store invoices that confirm this purchase amount.
  3. You will begin earning 1 Reward Point for every $1 you spend, starting with the initial $1,000 purchase. Just by enrolling, you’ve already earned 1,000 points. Within a couple of weeks of Tressa receiving your Rewards Enrollment Form, you’ll receive a Rewards Welcome Pack, which will include everything you’ll need to be a Style Rewards member!

Do I Have to Maintain a Certain Level of Purchases Each Quarter?

No! Unlike many other loyalty programs, after the initial $1,000 purchase to join, you will not be penalized if you fail to meet a minimum quarterly purchase amount. Purchase what you need, when you need it, while continuing to enjoy the benefits and perks of the program.

How Can I Earn More Points?

With each Tressa promotional period, there will be bonus points assigned to selected promotions. If you purchase those promotions, you earn those extra points!

Great Rewards

You can pick product for your back bar, tools to make your job easier, fun stuff for you, your home or your family or choose the latest high tech gadgets and media to add to your salon!

Bonus Points & Roll Over

If you think you can’t earn the points to get that huge flat screen TV, think again! Selected promotions featured during each of our promotional periods will earn you bonus points that might just get you what you want. And, you can roll over your points each quarter, which can help build those points to an even greater total! There are so many opportunities to bump up your points so be sure to check out each promotional period and talk to your distributor to see how you can add to your point tally!

Free Salon Listings

If indicated on your Rewards Enrollment Form, your salon name and contact info will be listed on the Tressa website for current and future customers to see. If a customer needs to find a salon in their area, they’ll have easy access to your salon information. Your salon will also be listed as a preferred salon on our 800 hotline number. Help drive customers to your salon with these free listings!